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Club Jeune Actuaire (CJA)

The Club Jeune Actuaire (CJA) of the Institut des actuaires has been established in 2023 and invites participation from all young professionals under the age of 35. Its mission is to actively engage young actuaries in the association’s professional endeavors. The CJA operates through three distinct working groups:

  1. Promotion of the Actuarial Profession: This group focuses on educational programs or career fairs, aiming to raise awareness about starting an actuarial career.
  2. Event Management: Responsible for organizing conferences or competitions, ensuring vivid exchange within the young actuarial community.
  3. Skills Enhancement and International Cooperation: By exchanging with young actuaries from other countries, skills development and global collaboration is promoted.

In 2023, the CJA achieved a significant milestone by successfully hosting its own conference on cyber risks.