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Let us introduce you to our current projects and activities for young actuaries in Europe.

Program slot at CONVENTION A | EUROPE

At the CONVENTION A | EUROPE on March, 20, 2024, a Franco-German group presents “The Actuary of the Future” demonstrating the role of young actuaries in key developments, e.g. sustainability and AI.

More activities coming soon

The initiative will kick off with projects, activities, and ideas for to support young actuaries in Europe with community-building and career development opportunities. We will keep you up-to-date with our mailings

DAV Young Actuaries Network

The joint activities and events of the DAV Young Actuaries Network are intended to make it easier to maintain and establish initial contacts across companies and actuarial fields.

Club Jeune Actuaire (CJA)

The Club Jeune Actuaire, established by the Institut des actuaires, invites participation from professionals under the age of 35. It serves as a platform for expressing common expectations and proposing initiatives.