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At a time when commonalities are increasingly overlooked and the added value of international cooperation is sometimes questioned, the Young Actuaries initiative, launched by the Institut des actuaires (IA) and the Deutsche Aktuarvereinigung (DAV) and open to all actuarial associations in Europe, is driven by the need to strengthen cross-border links and exchanges among young European actuaries under the age of 35. It aims to facilitate and support the transnational community building of young professionals across Europe and their individual career development.

In general, the Young Actuaries initiative operates on three distinct levels:

  1. Personal Level – Unlocking Individual Potential
    By prioritizing career development, it facilitates the growth of individual actuaries, recognizes that talent knows no borders, and therefore seeks to harness the full potential of every professional.
  2. Association Level – Fostering Exchange and Progress
    The networking and exchange of insights, experiences, and solutions among young actuaries directly impacts the participating associations effectiveness. By sharing best practices, they collectively elevate their work and contribute to the overall advancement of actuarial science.
  3. Society Level – Enriching Learning and Engagement
    Through creative event formats, learning and continuing education is transformed into an unique interactive and personal cultural experience. This dynamic approach not only enhances professional skills but also lives up to the diversity and unity inherent in international cooperation.